Similarity between rieki and dumm darood.

The Japanese healing method is very much similar to Muslim healing through dumm and darood. Both involve intention, approach, prayer and believe in transfer of energy. It was surprising to read through the prayer which was composed only in a different language.


In Rieki for beginners by Victor Archuleta, it says just for today, “I let go of anger and worry, I am grateful, I work on myself and I am kind to all living beings”. This is strikingly similar to the beginning of dumm Surah, surah fatihah. Alhamdulillah- I thank Allah can easily be rephrased to I am grateful, iyakanabudu wa iyakanastaeen – I only seek your help and pray to you, which does imply that I help myself with my job and tasks. And ofcourse not to forget mentioning, the very preamble to dumm, AAoozubillah, I seek protection of Allah from satan. This leads to an automatic control on unnecessary anger and worry. This is so surprising. Isn’t it?


The book has so much more to explore and it made me reflect on ways of promoting and getting recognition for dumm darood that I practice. The healing through damm darood is not condition binding. Any practicing Muslim can perform it. In my personal experience, it is very effective for any type of ailment. There is just one prayer that needs to be recited and it’s the first Surah of quran. All it involves to be effective is the belief that it will heal the ailment and the prayer is recited with staunch belief and proper tajweed for maximum benefit.


Next time It is a headache or neck strain, just say this prayer once and blow on glass of water and make your loved one drink it.


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