Sadness or happiness, whatever it is, it’s my life ultimately. .. my Destiny

Life well lived is actually death each day well deserved

The tragedy of life is not that you get hurt, you lose or you die. It’s more about losing hope, sense of being a human being,an identity and recognition of your individual self. I thought it’s unfortunate that a person forgets to pray but I just realized that the most unfortunate is that you offer long prayers endlessly without confessing that you have lost your hope, faith and belief that your prayer will be answered. Once prayed should be counted as done. Isn’t it?


And then there are those people who just DO the right thing. The right defined by society, by the expectations of their loved ones in the hope that they will be considered in His view as righteous, best and appropriate. They believd that their act is a prayer in itself. True expectation of reciprocity is but natural but then why to pray in the first place. Prayers are really for oneself, to reorient ones intentions and conscious, to protect oneself from arrogance and over expectation from life.


That being said today story is about my special child. She is not anything special, alright I have heard it enough times. So let me make it more explicit. She is counter of everything that’s is normal. Her milestones with each passing day are counter productive. It is similar to growth of cancer, the more she grows up , the more pronounced will be her shortcomings, or you would like to appease yourself with the word , “unique”. But the truth remains, so shall be. It is with her every cell. There is no treatment for something genetically defined. Science has not advanced that much. I can’t work myself against nature. It’s true that her reality, her existence is a pleasure and a pity at the same time. I have to see her deteriorate each day. She fits in the same suits that she wore the first day. Please don’t ask me to pray. It reminds me of Surah waqiah, what is ordained is bound to occur and that when it happens no one will  be able to deny it. Aisha is a manifestation of end of times for me. How I have little time to accomplish my goals, to express and convey my message. Yes as her name symbolize too. It means to live. And truely if a person lives for real, it’s consuming and each day, each moment is important. And the more you live, the more you die within, the more you lose in terms of capacity and strength.


That’s said, let me make a small appeal to all of you. Rise and shine and explore yourself before it’s too late to live for real. Carry out all the deeds that you intended once. Perhaps tomorrow will be too late to be.

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