Forget cosmetics and spa,work for an ever green supernatural beauty

What parlour, any package at a spa, let’s admit we are all struggling to achieve good looks. Beauty is power. There is no doubt that to be attractive, well groomed and all dolled up, lifts up one’s spirit, defines respect and privilege in any company and generally leaves a positivity in the environment. But I am here, today, focusing on achieving “perfection” in outer glow, the beam, the unavoidable attraction. Is there a way to imbue “not mere” natural, rather supernatural aspect to one’s self grooming, lifestyle maintenance and environmental enhancement?

Back in Lahore, among my loved ones, I felt there is no place, I could feel safer and at peace. Yet there was some escapism budding inside me in the form of an unfulfilled desire to travel, explore and meet someone like myself. And I did realize my dream, to travel, explore and find my soul mates. It is amazing. Running after your dreams and achieving them. To be happy, fulfilled and progressing does emits positive vibes from oneself. However, that’s just half, perhaps mere one percent of real beauty, glow and attractiveness.

I only developed an interest in exploring the definition of super natural beauty when I saw and experienced its magic and awe. In the crowd of UK, women in smart dresses, men in style, some tall, some sleek, incomparable in their natural look. What do these Brits do? How do they look like they look. This is definitely not a work of few hours of grooming. It has been building upon itself over centuries perhaps. Natural Selective gene mutation? Is it some result of ongoing racial deviation? To my shock, the intercultural mating produced even better looks and features. The polish, the French, the Africans coming together to produce magnificence, a combo of grace, attraction and incomparable perfection of beauty.

Each time I am awed by my surrounding, an inspiration follows to counter my wonder. This time it is Surah Noor. Yes it talks about evergreen shine and how one can achieve an illuminating beautiful glow, a personality and aura that I just hinted.

Noor from hadees

Through life experiences, one does realize the significance of “khandani”, mohazab and mohtaram, or to take the western term of doctorate and honorary. But only this Surah clearly defines and elaborates all the aspects it covers. The real legacy of light, “Emaan ka roop”, the after glow that remains and is obvious even on a sinners face because of the “legacy” he carries in his genes. Let call it glow factor. I will only try to summarise it here. If you want to be really beautiful, not just for a party or for your special day, but for life and exude it through your grandchildren, then begin to Act in these areas of moral intervention and development:

1. Stage punishment for act of immorality such as adultery.

2. Advocate consangual boycott in the place of social boycott and scorn for evil doers and an immoral person.

3. Dispise unfaithful spouse, nullifying marriage and creating clear differentiation between pure and sinner.

4. Shun gossiping and exposing excesses and transgression of others. If someone is doing wrong, either act or keep the secret.

5. Curse the liar and the one who makes false accusation.

6. Learn not just to account for and reach out to those in need but also to forgo an unanswered hope for help or support even in your near ones.

7. Dictate shame and respect for individual privacy, privacy of married couple, of a home, of a guest and a host.

8. Promote and practice referring and taking up consanguine relationships based on character and loyalty instead of money, status etc.

9. Show persistence in remembrance of Allah and unfaltering obedience of our messenger Muhammad S.A.W.

Coming to UK, I witnessed many things. Brits stood against the hosting of Trump. The lack of government support for emergency measures to accommodate affectees of Greenfield fire incident was not charged with blames and aggressive public denial of government authority and support. Instead everyone focused on covering and praising those who acted out. Like many other countries, here no body throw indecent glances at you despite your inviting dressing or nudity. Only here adultery is taken as a serious offence legitimating divorce and denial of respect. I witness a tv show explaining the much “sacred” State’s respect for living space privacy of even a defaulting tenant. Here Brits advocate and carry charity initiative to care for neighbours. I observed the people on street. Most well to do persons are hardworking and self made, perform their daily chores of cleaning and cooking themselves, imitating the Sunnah of our dear messenger. The regular church, mandar and mosque visitors are really in majority.

I feel lucky to be able to breathe in an environment that “feels” safe and “right and just”. God seems to be happy with these people too, given the unexpected rain every now and then, the breeze and peace everywhere.

Noor from hadees

On a side note. Today, I almost cried as prime minister was asked to resign. I could not believe. A ray of hope has kindled inside me that one day, the world will witness our own country punishing immorality, disloyalty and advocating justice, fairness and forgiveness. We will rid ourselves of indecency, discourteousness, denial of privacy and unnecessary interference into other people’s matter, competition for status and power plays and what not!  I can’t seem to wait to see beautiful people in my own country too,exuding calmness in their relaxed disposition that shouts at you – go and find out where is this coming from? 


2 Replies to “Forget cosmetics and spa,work for an ever green supernatural beauty”

  1. Very well written though I can never be that strict or recommend someone to be that strict because people are people at the end of the way and I differ from the Puritan view, it creates mess like pseudo jehadis claiming that they are right and other groups claiming that they are. I cannot agree to this line of thinking as I have seen it and it is unnatural to box ppl like that.


  2. I generally don’t use beauty products or even go to the spa much often. Last time I had a facial was around 3 years ago. Sometimes, I just use products from my kitchen cabinet as a face mask.


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