Independence is not dissociation

The real meaning of independence does not lie in making your own decision and socializing whoever.
The true freedom lies in enhanced resourcefulness, self-emancipation and attaining peace within the current cultural mandate and boundaries of society.
Just learned today how our relationships are getting weak in terms of respect, obedience and space for action or accomodation of ideas.
There are two different sphere of control, authority , protection and responsibilities. Each one is better for either side.
If allowed to pervade, a societies true unity and strength lies in a particular type of social setup. It is where the guardian, in most cases the man of the house can can stop her wife, children, similarly a person in authority can ban people under him/her from certain set of actions or habits such as:
– to be pious ( overly religious)
– To be merciful, voracious, sweet in speech
– To be honest and affectionate
– Contesting someone with action or speech
– Talking too much, in anger or unprofitable or in confusion
– calling out
A peaceful joint family system, a healthy and caring community and responsible conflict free society can be created with such basic yet yet crucial intervention.
Such unity founded on the principle of sharing and preservence of cultural value may lead to self exploration and shared growth as the trust built will allow each one to accept and promote legit freedom of action and innovation. In such a setup,  it is naturally encouraged to seek accumulation of wealth, possesions or knowledge. This is a real protection of human rights and leading a prosperous and fullfilling life.

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