The true worth in managing physical appearance, moving about light, smart and groomed

Weight management and rejenuvating natural beauty is the key to measure ones internal balance, level of motivation to live. It also gauges for us, alarming us as we face an incapacity( in the form of unnecessary fear, carelessness) or a type of unresolved conflict in the way of achieving our aim or preserving ones spirit/soul.

For me to manage weight and natural beauty in a crux is basically a question everyday, do I feel light, am I feeling healthy, am I active, do I take the necessary sleep, rest, am I doing the right thing, do I continue to hold my principles in the changing circumstances, do I feel anxiety, depression, loss of self worth?

There are times when I hog good, eat in private or at odd times, lay down for long hours, think of food and leisure unnecessary, but I never lose sight of my own actions. I accept that there is something wrong with me. I sort out and pray, in a nutshell really struggle hard to know and recognize how am I failing myself.
And this sometimes takes days and months. I forgive myself thinking I am but a human. It is a learning process, an awareness. And as soon as I know, I act. And the very action saves me from gaining weight, free me from depression, anxiety etc. Sometimes it goes to the point that I have to seek help and I feel it’s alright. Other times, I really have to check what I eat, do I take leisure walk, do I meditate.

For we human are dynamic, and everything is interlinked, you put effort in one direction that you are sure off and it’s effects and benefits are felt all across.

Its a preservence, an effort on regular basis to move towards being better, feeling good in doing something worth while or just by being right

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