Busy life and daily prayer

IN the beginning, there is no Muslim but an entity that is neither a believer nor a non-believer.The word is MUTAKI. At this stage you are just a person who is God Cautious and intend to regard your duty as a creation of Allah.
So just say yes I want to and then prove it.
We are never told to say prayers in the beginning, it says establish it which literaly means Made Right. PROPER properly worded, intelligently meant, on time that it is prescribed regularly with wuzu etc. There is literally no end to how Pure you can make a prayer.
We are human beings. We have weaknesses. And these are not merely physical, these are spiritual, emotional and others. Face each of these as reality and bend down. Accept that you are lesser than what you are called, a Muslim and then be thankful that he has chosen you to be one At least. Now let’s just take it from there then.
The first thing that you can do is spend a day or a week doing the minimum that you CAN really as opposed to struggling and failing at what you are obliged to and responsible for. It could be just a daily two rakat, or just a wazu or may be just a spare time listening to quran, namaz etc, miss a call to your loved one and spare a whole 5 minutes to devote to being you.
Just REMEMBER to say a little prayer in the end.
Oh Allah, guide me to your guidance, make me a true Muslim.
The next step will follow in yourself. Yes it's a peristant Regular effort, to do what you can do easily and demand plus struggle to achieve a little extra.
Best of luck!
If you are still reading this. Congratulations, you are guided and good will follow you. Remember him and he will remember you.

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